Water is the most valuable substance on Planet Earth

Alan Nakanishi Front Lawn

Alan Nakanishi Front Lawn

Water is the most valuable substance on Planet Earth. But will Alan Nakanishi protect your water, either by conservation or storage?

Alan Nakanishi is the third-highest water user among elected officials in San Joaquin County. He was surprised by the Stockton Record newspaper, which told him he and his wife, the sole occupants of his house, were consuming 1,309 gallons per day, the equivalent of 9 Lodi residents.

Alan Nakanishi is a board member of the Eastern San Joaquin County Groundwater Basin Authority, which has the mission statement of “Working together to develop sustainable water supplies.” Eastern San Joaquin County Groundwater Basin Authority 

Alan Nakanishi - Lodi City Councilman

Alan Nakanishi – Lodi City Councilman

The Stockton Record interviewed Nakanishi in December 2015, reporting:

Nakanishi said he was “kind of disturbed” that his water use information was made public.

The law requires it, for many elected officials, upon request. But Nakanishi said even elected officials’ records should not be divulged.
“That’s why people don’t run for office,” he said.
He said he worried that he might be depicted as not being a good citizen.
“And I am,” Nakanishi said. “It hurts to be sought out and say, ‘Hey you guys are using too much water and you are bad citizens.’ It makes a person feel rejected.”
Nakanishi said he has been “very judicious” in his water use, adding that he has a big lawn and many fruit trees on his 1/3-acre property. His grandchildren visit often, he said, and he hosts parties in his backyard.
Ultimately, he acknowledged, “I’ve got to do better.”

You can trust State Senate District 5 Candidate Samuel Anderson to protect your water.

Samuel Anderson

Samuel Anderson

Samuel Anderson supports building more water storage, so that more water can be collected in the wet months to supply us in the dry months. Samuel Anderson told the Lodi News-Sentinel on May 25, 2016, “Our water rights and agriculture are in jeopardy with the Brown/Galgiani tunnels. These tunnels could destroy an entire agricultural region and will affect all of us if this foolish plan is implemented. Our community, which depends on our water, will destabilize. Our farming community will take a big hit. So will local jobs. Can you say devastation? Remember the ecological disaster of the Owens Valley, on the other side of the Sierra Nevada mountains? Its agriculture is gone — its people are gone — and the lack of water has resulted in desertification. A vote for Samuel Anderson will protect our water.”
Lodi News-Sentinel on May 26, 2016” 

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