BobCOP Virtual@Cloud Management IT Solutions

BobCOP’s Virtual@Cloud Services provides your business and agency with an affordable datacenter that is secure and flexible. Our @Cloud servers will provide you with most easy-to-use applications that grow along with you.

We know what you are going through and we know you are always asking yourself this question, “we have to make another purchase this year of a server because we are expanding our storage and information and included is the server license fee and user license fees, how can we continue to afford this and how can we save money?”

The answer is simple! @Cloud will take over your entire infrastructure and servers and host them in our datacenter. We will provide you with the latest bleeding-edge technology that will save you time and money. Say goodbye to your internal IT staff. The only thing you will need is someone who is capable of taking a computer out of the box and setting it up.

Put the power of @Cloud to work for you with Virtual@Cloud IT Management Solutions.

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