Samuel Anderson of Stockton California Running for State Senate District 5

Business executive Samuel Anderson of Stockton California is running for California State Senate District 5 as a Republican. The reason for this candidate is as follows:

  1. Too much government micro-managing in California.
  2. A distrustful legislature – creating meaningless laws.
  3. Unfriendly to businesses; too many regulations.
  4. Businesses shutting down; leaving California.
  5. No Jobs! High Taxes!
  6. Environmental disaster with Delta Tunnels.
  7. Unfriendly to law enforcement.
  8. Too friendly with criminals.
  9. Poor education.

“It’s time to stand up and put an end to this madness and put an end to career politicians who do nothing but ruin and destroy this great state,” says Anderson. “The current incumbent spends no time in the district; and the other Republican is 77 years old, no ideas, no energy, and no vision…he’s too old and needs to retire once and for all or continue to remain as the established local politician he is. We are losing in California and we can’t afford to continue with established career politicians.”


United States Marine Corps – Military Intelligence and Communications – 6 Years – Honorably Discharged.


  • Experienced and qualified business executive with upper management skills and qualifications.
  • Consultant for FORTUNE 500 Companies – Venture Capital – Start-ups – Law Enforcement – Intelligence. Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) certified.
  • High-tech industry including: energy, telecommunications, software, hardware, healthcare, and insurance – with focus on project management, general manager, and human resources executive levels and operations. Senior software engineer/programmer.
  • Current occupation – Senior Managing Partner for SaaS for law enforcement entities including high-level consulting for senior officials.
  • Point of Contact instructor for FBI Virtual Academy for various law enforcement agencies under my direction.

Volunteer Work:

Cyber Crimes Investigator (Ret.) – Rank: Commander – Director of Cyber Crimes Group created to establish a common place for various law enforcement agencies, leaders, academics, military, FORTUNE 2000, and intelligence services throughout the world.

KIWANIS International – Board of Directors

Education Completed


  • BA – Intelligence Studies, concentration Operations – American Military University

Graduate School

  • MA – Criminal Justice – American Military University
  • MS – Human Resources Development – Villanova University

Continued Education

  • MPS – Public Leadership – George Washington University – Continued Current
  • MLitt – Post Graduate – Terrorism Studies/Political Violence – University of St. Andrews, Scotland – Continued Current
  • Doctor of Education – Candidate – University of Liverpool

Author: Published book – A Look Into Intelligence Studies


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