BobCOP Hybrid RMS Cloud System

Record Management Systems are costly, let’s face it! Not anymore! That’s right, not anymore! Why so? Technology has changed and @Cloud is here and is the future for law enforcement and intelligence.

Our bleeding edge technology allows you to do much more than you ever imagined and then some while saving the cost of owning a system our competitors want you to pay millions on.

ALERT: The current systems you are using are now fast outdated and fast becoming the thing of the past.

Why are you still paying for a system that is old, and cannot perform better than what it can including working on the Internet? Many are now claiming they can work with the Internet and are “making” their systems “work” with the Internet. The fact is, they are still using old systems, methods and technology to get it to work with the Internet and still cost you the same if not more. No matter how many times you paint that Pinto or put 20 inch rims with run flat tires, it’s still going to be the same car.

Step up to the new BobCOP RMS Hybrid and experience the future now. You won’t EVER have to purchase a server or license for a server again or multiple user licenses or the services of an IT Network Technician to keep them operational. Just imagine how much money you will save just from that alone? Think of all the possibilities you can do with all that extra cash you will have on hand? Let us show you what we can do.

BobCOP RMS Hybrid@Cloud includes the following, but not limited to:

– Incident Reporting
– Accident Reporting
– Arrest Booking
– Jail Management
– Emergency Alerts
– CAD Systems
– Property Management
– Parolee Tracking
– Sex Offenders Management
– Most Wanted
– Missing Persons
– Crime Mapping/Statistics
– Citations Management
– Full Payment Processing for anything
– Warrants Management
– Weapons Tracking
– Vehicle Management/Towing/Impound
– Animal Code Enforcement
– City Code Enforcement
– …Much More…

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