BobCOP Citizens Intelligence Reporting System

BobCOP has changed the way we collect and share information including offering your citizens the ability to submit police reports online. We also have completely changed the way officers handle these reports saving more time, and saving more money.

Our citizens intelligence reporting system is unlike any other and uses state-of-the-art technology that changes the way you do police business. No one has this system and we are the only ones with it. Once you have decided to start using a system to collect reports from citizens, you will start to notice a real difference in how this system operates and saves you real time and money.

WHAT YOU NEED: A method to accept non-suspect reports – to reduce time and costs.

WHAT WE HAVE: The very system that will accept these reports however you need to.

WHAT IT DOES: It saves time and money. That’s the bottom line! But, it accepts report online from all citizens in your city/town; or, if the incident happened in your jurisdiction.

CAN IT CONNECT TO MY CURRENT RMS: YES (or, you can download the data to upload into any RMS, it’s your decision).

CAN I ASSIGN DIFFERENT OFFICERS: Yes, you can! As many as you like and each with specific instructions for any particular report type.

HOW MANY REPORT TYPES CAN WE HAVE: As many as you like. It’s unlimited.

DO I HAVE TO LOG IN EACH TIME TO REVIEW REPORTS: No, unless you want to. If you have a mobile phone or tablet with email; that’s all you need. It’s very simple.

WHAT ABOUT NEIGHBORING AGENCIES: Well, this will allow you to review and transfer any report to another city as an assistance. It will also connect to other agencies allowing you and them to share information. Only you have the rights to your information as they have with theirs, but you can view how others might have abused or used other neighboring agencies. It’s entirely up to you how you decide to share with any other jurisdiction. EXAMPLE: John Doe reports his cell phone lost/stolen at City Coffee Bar, and does the same with two other cities. You will know this. It’s unlimited on how we can offer you many variations of collecting and gathering information.


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