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There is a new way how to conduct police work and manage all your information in one secure place, one location, one system that does it all. BobCOP is here.

The industry is moving into a post-PC, cloud era, in which the user interface no longer belongs to one operating system (OS) or device, and IT infrastructures–including computing, storage and networking–as well as application development frameworks will need to be renewed, according to prominent industry executives.

BobCOP stresses the need to start thinking beyond the desktop computer which is no longer the most essential component in today’s enterprise environment.

Increasingly, users are working on a multitude of devices. With cloud, billions of connected users and devices now come into play and within three years from now, less than 20 percent of devices connecting to the Internet will be Windows PCs.

With this kind of scale, we’ll need new technology and approaches into IT. We’re seeing new ways of deploying services and seeing new data fabrics. Relational databases, for instance, cannot handle the scale and rate of data being developed, and law enforcement now need access to customized data in real-time.

The emergence of the cloud era will drive the need for organizations to modernize their IT infrastructure, encompassing computing, storage and networking, as well as operations in order to deliver existing and future applications. The industry is also moving from an era where apps were written for a non-real-time environment to a realm where everyone needs to respond in real-time. This means application development will have to undergo fundamental changes.

End-users now expect access to apps and data anytime, anywhere and via any device, driving law enforcement agencies to look at how it bridges existing modes of end-user access to new ones.

All these changes are going to be profound and will be key challenges for police.

In 2010, shipments of tablets and Smartphone’s surpassed PC’s, and we no longer do our computing in a single place and this is creating a lot of problems for law enforcement to catch up let alone even come close to cutting edge systems.

End-users want anytime, anywhere access and they want new applications. At the same time, IT departments have to deal with rising costs, lower budgets as well as security and compliance risks.

CIOs today are driven by two major forces. First, the sheer complexity of existing IT infrastructures which have come to the end of their shelf-lives. We can do very little with the old IT. It’s costing 80 cents for every IT dollar just to maintain existing systems, so it’s a burden on the balance sheet rather than a business tool.

Second, CIOs realize the need to take advantage of the connected, mobile information-centric world, where young professionals today gather information very differently and the days of PC-constructed offices are over. Police are no different. Either you start now, or face the consequences later on when someone gets promoted to take your old out-dated position and gets the job done.

This is where BobCOP @Cloud-based IT Client Service model will bring you into the fold. Our clients are part of our team.  Contact BobCOP today for answers to your questions.

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